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About Richard F. Dulude

Richard is a Principal & Investment Manager at Underscore VC

He runs the investment process for the firm and is building the infrastructure to support scale.

As a programmer -> entrepreneur -> VC, he is relentlessly focused on making every touchpoint with “in flight” entrepreneurs meaningful.

Building upon co-founding Popt as the CTO (a venture backed social media sentiment analysis startup), he caught the venture bug working part time at Founder Collective (an early stage venture firm) while grabbing an MBA at Harvard Business School. Prior to returning to academia, he led a “skunkworks” project to stand up Procter and Gamble’s Direct-to-Consumer efforts from an idea to becoming the fastest growing channel at the company globally.

Richard also has written code at Apple in the early days of the iTunes product, and at Goldman Sachs on their proprietary quant trading desk following his M.Eng. and B.Sc. from Cornell University, where he graduated with highest distinction for his thesis dissertation on stochastic network optimization.

Richard has significant previous experience as an angel investor, and has a nights and weekends hobby of applying data science to private markets he calls ‘algorithmic signaling,’ or looking for a bias-free, data driven approach to venture capital to intelligently find ‘signal’ before other investors.